A Unique holiday in Yorkshire......

Thirty minutes from the M62...                                   

Thirty years from the “RATRACE” ....

if you love animals , peace and quiet - then this place could quite possbly

be  - the Darling Buds of Yorkshire”

The WAGONS comprises of 3 self contained & beautifully converted railway wagons all sited

within the seclusion of our private 3 acre garden. THE RAILWAY WAGONS are located in

Yorkshire’s best kept secret - The Wolds - a beautiful location, surrounded by rolling

countryside, no car engines just peace and quiet. With York & the coast less than 20 miles

away and both the Moors & Dales within easy reach, this is an excellent base for touring, sight

seeing & most importantly of all RELAXING.

Pets welcome, Including Cats, Dogs etc.. To date we’ve had 3 legged cats, dopey dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, ponies, horses, parrots (actually it was a parakeet but I couldn’t spell that)....we even had an Igyou, Higu, Nigyu  .....LIZARD once. And on one occasion even a budgie.... (Nb they’re my favourite.....because they taste the best. A little salt, wrapped in bacon, and just sautéed on the “barby” for around 60 seconds......mmmm’ lovely........ Ps to all the RSPB & RSPCA reading this, quite obviously I was JOKING.... we would like to make it clear that we NEVER ever sautee budgies.....I roast them slowly it gives a much richer lavour.....besides, they make more noise if you do it slowly....... please note other varieties are available and methods of cooking....


 NO Sabre Toothed Tigers, Wooly Mammoths or Hippo's ...well behaved Giraffes will only be welcomed by appointment AND when arriving seated & belted IN YOUR CAR.... this may seem a little harsh be we do have standards to maintain... ! .
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ENTHORPE - 4 Berth
BAINTON - 6 Berth
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