ENTHORPE STATION Do you remember when peace & tranquillity meant just that? When was the last time..... you ventured outside and couldn't hear a car engine, a siren or a noisy neighbour just bird song? When was the last time..... you looked up at the night sky on a clear and gazed in wonder at wall to wall stars? When was the last time..... you walked from your garden and saw Orchids, Violets, Primroses Bluebells and Cowslips growing wild? When was the last time..... you could drive for mile after mile along scenic, empty roads? If this appeals to you, rediscover these simple pleasures at.....           THE WAGONS.CO.UK Whether you choose to sleep in the luxurious "Wagon" bed, the mahogany 4 poster, the regal red four poster, the half tester or the sumptuous "Gypsy" cupboard bed, they’re all unique. I guarantee you will have never slept in beds like these - unless you are one of our many customers who have been here before - The mahogany bed alone weighs in at more than 600lbs - That's a quarter of a ton! Set in beautiful, unspoiled & unexplored countryside this is ideal for walking, riding, cycling or just relaxing! The Wagons are situated on the picturesque and unspoilt Yorkshire Wolds, close to the beautiful market town of Beverley and only 30 minutes from York or the coast. The hamlet of ENTHORPE – originally known as JANELFESTHORPE (Doomsday book) where once, more than 800 people worked and lived – now consists of a farm and a disused railway station. The Driffield Selby line was opened in the mid 1800’s and ENTHORPE STATION was constructed towards the end of that century to serve the needs of the local agricultural community. However in 1964 became just another of Dr Beechings savage cuts. The Wolds: The Yorkshire Wolds, where the chalk fault line – which commences at the White Cliffs of Dover – takes its last gasp of air before disappearing into the North Sea at the magnificent Bempton Cliffs. Renowned for its fast drainage, the surrounding land never becomes waterlogged ensuring good riding conditions throughout the year. In times gone by the Wolds were difficult to populate because of their lack of water - no natural rivers or streams – needed for livestock. However when technology overcame the problem in the 16 and 1700’s, with the advent of clay lined ponds, it rapidly began to populate. After the sweat and toil of digging and lining ponds, the second construction humans generally turned to, was a watering hole to quench their thirst – known today as pubs! The resultant combination is that almost every village has a pond and at least one pub. In addition to this feature most of the roads in the area have been laid out as drovers roads. Which means they consist of a 12-foot metalled surface with up to 25 feet of grass verges either side. With its gently rolling hills it all adds up to excellent, safe, riding, cycling and walking country. Since 1519 the Oldest horse race in England is held on the 3rd Thursday in March. Called The Kiplingcotes Derby, is a race of 4 miles held on the road outside the entrance to ENTHORPE STATION. See the picture on the left? he was a shy quiet retiring lad until he got bitten by the horse riding bug..... a multiple winner of the race he now rides out for several trainers in the area.....Once a strapping 6 footer hes now worn down to 4 foot 6! - You have been warned! The coast, Scarborough, Bridlington (where riding on the beach is a popular pastime) Flamborough, Filey and Hornsea can be reached easily from ENTHORPE. The Moors – made even more popular by the TV series "Heartbeat" - are also within striking distance. However why travel when there is so much to enjoy in this unspoilt vicinity. If its Disco’s, night-clubs, keeping in touch with facebook or Coronation Street you crave then this is definitely not the holiday for you! ….But if you desire the simple things in life - peace, tranquillity, lovely scenery, few cars, friendly locals, abundance of wildlife and flora, not to mention some of the most breathtaking night skies you will ever see - then this is perhaps just what you've been looking for. Unbelievably, all this, is just 25 minutes from the M62 – but don’t tell anyone!
 Welcome to ... THE WAGONS.CO.UK
   Welcome to...    THE WAGONS.CO.UK
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